My Dream of Walking


What would do you if you could not fail? How would it affect your decision? What would you do with such a great gift? How would you live your life?

Hi my name is Lucas. Over a year ago I had a spinal injury from sports. This left me rendered unable to move for a long time. It was an avulsion fracture, ripped nerves, excruciating pain and the hardest mental game I’ve had to ever come up against. It got a lot worst before it got better… I could not move the same from my neck down.

This is my triumph to recovery. Learning to perform normal activities of daily living, learning to walk and one day fully optimizing my health to its best ability. Through dedication, hard work, nutrition, rest, support, motivation and the right mind set anything in life can be achieved!

How hard would you work to get it?


11 thoughts on “My Dream of Walking

  1. lucas πŸ™‚ the way you turned your misfortune into something that makes you stronger and better is truly inspirational. so glad to have met you πŸ™‚

    • The world is small πŸ™‚ One day we will meet. As for now, all my traveling plans are postponed. I can’t fly because the vibrations will hurt me. It will give me a back ache, that will in turn give me a head ache, and that will in turn make me forget how to walk or go into a seizure, but I look forward to being well enough so I can meet you! You’re such a great person!

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