Lack of movement creating pain: Premise of movement as a cause of pain syndromes


Having optimal precise range of motion is vital in preventing musculoskeletal pain. The biomechanics of the human body are very much similar to the mechanics of machines, with the difference that everything in our body is living tissue. Just like machines our body needs to be well maintained, active and finely tuned. However, unlike machines, our body needs graded incremental stress to improve the strength of involved tissues and to promote health. Stress on the body must be monitored or it can be dangerous. There are upper and lower limits to increases in intensity and it must be monitored thoroughly.

Just like a machine, the human skeletal system should be in lined before performing the desired activity, unless the activity is fixing of the alignment. If the alignment is off, it should be adjusted and fixed before performing more advance tasks. This correction or perfection of alignment will enable the human body to execute activities, generate more force, balance, and perform at the optimal level through muscle and nerve control. With the structural integrity maintained the chances of damage is decreased.

The more stable a joint is, the less likely it is to have damage. The greater deviation a joint has from its ideal alignment, the more likely damage or degeneration will occur. The greatest occurrence has been seen in the spine where it has the greatest chance of degeneration, so it must be well maintained.

Thankfully the human body is alive and properties such as regeneration help us slow it down. However just like a car wheel, it will only work momentarily if not maintained, and eventually wear down unevenly stopping the car from traveling to its desired location.

I  have nerve pain 24 hours a day, however continue to work to becoming better. Everyday I wake up I feel stronger and less pain. Give me today, for every step I take is a step closer to my goals.

What are you doing to make sure you’re mobile and pain free?


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