Blessing in disguise


(Lifting my walking-stick up)

Besides normal nerve pains that feel like burning fire or that I’m being stabbed. I have the luxury of having a new pain. It’s quite good to have this pain, because it would mean that I’m healing. Without improvement I wouldn’t be able to have this pain. It is pain in my shoulder from the walking stick. Not that pain brings me pleasure, but for me to have this pain I must have healed well enough to walk around. If I was still laying in the hospital bed, cruising in my wheel chair, thumping with my zimmer-frame, or donkey-konging with my double elbow crutches, I would in no way be able to have this pain. Maybe it’s from sleeping weird, or maybe it’s from my walking stick, but I’m going to try to fix it because it has been bugging me for the past month. Sometimes in life we have to look on the bright side to really appreciate our blessings. Maybe the pain does bring me a bit of pleasure, but less than a tickle.

What are your blessings in disguise?


8 thoughts on “Blessing in disguise

  1. my blessing in disguise is being away from my loved ones for 11 years (and sam for 6 years). it is getting increasingly difficult but it is making me stronger and more independent. very cliched, but there is so much truth in “no pain, no gain”, innit maaaate? 😉

  2. You remind me of a more optimistic funny ME! lol I have a lot of stomach pain. Well, actually, I don’t have a stomach anymore but it’s ulcer pain. The ulcers are eating through my whole digestive track. However, I was supposed to be dead 8 years ago and for some reason, my body refuses to die. That’s why I tell people that I can deal with the pain. The pain reminds me that I’m still alive and that’s a very good thing 😉

    • I am so happy your alive! Keep the optimism alive too! I’ve had bad digestive tract events happen to me twice. The first one when was I had this virus and it was destroying my insides. I couldn’t eat or drink water for two weeks and eventually had to be rushed to the ER. The 2nd event was very foolish of me. Just last month, hahah, I said it. Just last month, in December, I set a challenge for myself. I decided since I couldn’t physically adventure anymore, I was going to adventure by cuisine. This wasn’t such a bad idea, but I am a very extreme passionate person.

      I went to a chilly shop without eating breakfast or lunch. This is a huge mistake. I went with a friend and thought it would be funny to make her cry. The food on the menu was ranked out of 10, 10 being the spiciest, even 1 is spicy.

      With me and my genius decision, I ordered the number 9. I guess the waitress thought it was funny, since I kept making fun of my friend, to make mine spicier than hers. I swear that was the spiciest I’ve ever eaten, but I can eat hot hot! I’ve done this before!

      I felt fine that evening. I was only sweating really profusely, but the after math that followed was terrible. I was a human water fountain of blood for 9 days, and couldn’t eat for 15 days.

      I can never eat spicy food again, because I ruined my digestive track.

      In some level I can connect with you, however you are wiser and much stronger 😛 I am so happy your alive 🙂

      • Dear Lord! The chilli ruined your digestive tract? That’s the weirdest thing! It made you bleed? That’s not right no matter how spicy it is. However, adventuring cuisine is something I do too! I just can’t hold food down. From scar tissue, there’s too much blockage so I’ve lost too much weight. I’m 5’7 and am down to 110 lbs. Too many surgeries to try and stop the bleeding ulcers. Too many blood transfusions.

        Oh and NO, I’m not wiser OR stronger than you are. lol Nobody is! lol

      • May I ask, are you on a special diet now? I love food. How do you control and still get the full essence of it all? My heart goes out to you as a foodie and a friend. Please take care of yourself! I was ~6′ and ~205 lb when I entered the hospital, but have dropped to 145 lb since my injury, and probably shrunk from destroying my back hahaha.

        I use to think everyone was so tall laying in my bed. I was about 2′ laying a bit upright in bed, and once I was able to stand, the world looked a whole lot different.

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