Best Time to Bend a Spoon

SpoonBending(Spoon bending)

In times of hardship, know that we are never alone. I feel the strongest mentally now, than I’ve ever felt in my entire life. I cannot promise you spoon bending, but I sure as heck can promise you reality bending. It is that time in our most vulnerable and weakest moments that we grow the most.

The hospital was the biggest time of personal growth for me, which shook my world and made me realise the importance of family, value, relationships, dedication, love, and the human spirit of perseverance to succeed. I am still learning these lessons, and believe I will continue to learn it even when I am one day healed.

Only those that truly love me and were available, came to be with me in my time of need (which I am deeply thankful for). Practically all my sports friends left me, all my happy hour friends left me, and all my work friends left me… most my friends left me, furthermore I lost 25 kg of muscle (that’s 55 lb). I was invalid to continue my career as a sports performance coach, and was absolutely emotionally crushed. However, what I gained is even greater than what I had lost. This process was a great service of funneling and fine-tuning that had come at no better time than now. My friends I have today are the strongest and closest friends I could ever have. And though my body is weak, my mind can work on a whole new different level. The hunger to succeed has never been stronger than before, and it is here to stay. I was a limb body with a powerful mind, and even pain couldn’t get the best of me.

I went through the whole emotional spectrum and in the end was left with the most importantly lessons of love and acceptance. There is no better time to learn a lesson than when all is quiet. I couldn’t sneak out of class this time, no running away or skipping. All I could do was lie in bed and think about it, whether I liked it or not.

All lessons taught to me in this situation were engraved in my brain. I wish I could have learnt it an easier way, but there’s never a better time to bend a spoon. Never lose sight of your goals, where you came from and where you want to be. Cut all the distractions and go forth. Do only what helps, you’ll be there before you know it. Be the best you can be, don’t conform yourself to the environment, and make your move.

What direction are you taking your life?


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