A Bench with a View


(Bench view)

A good friend of mine Ian, wrote about his recollection through this whole experience, and this is a snippet of it:


We’re back in the little bed in the bubble high above the racecourse.

But this time we’re alone.

It’s just Lucas and I.

“Bro, can you show me that YouTube video again? The one you showed me last time, yeah?”

“Sure Luc, its http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HRpWQk5Tncw

We watch it.

I never saw Lucas cry. I still haven’t.

There was the reflection of the screen in his eyes. It was just a glimmer.

I could see that he was welling up, just a bit. Not enough for a tear to fall from his eye, but enough to moisten his corneas enough for you to pop a contact in there, anyway.

But I didn’t dare say anything. I couldn’t speak. I couldn’t break the pensive tension of the illusion I pulled taught over my face: that Lucas was Invincible. Lucas was NOT the guy who could fall down. Not Lucas. It couldn’t happen to Lucas. He was too good, too fast, too disciplined. He trained too hard, he was careful, he studied it. The body, the environment, the world – it didn’t matter, he absorbed it all and it all flowed right through him naturally just like water. He’s like water, he couldn’t fall down, and he’d just keep on flowing. He’s like water.

The time you spend with people when you’re young forms a lasting impression.

Hey bro

When an idea of a person is shattered by reality, it takes time to pick up the pieces.

Hey bro bro yo

I used to think I had it bad, but what if it was me?


Would I trade scoliosis for the wondrous amount of raw life that Lucas had lived?


…that Lucas had lived until…



“Oh sorry Luc! Just zoned out for a sec”

“Haha, you’re so spacey, Bro.”

“Hehe, I guess so Luc.”

“Hey man, I have to go to physiotherapy in a minute. They put me in a pool so there’s less resistance.”

“Oh I guess I’ll just…”

“You can wait here or you can come with me! Or you can go.”

I was unemployed at the time and had nothing better to do.

“But you don’t have to! You can come with me, its okay, and loads of people have come with me to see me in the pool, and I’m not naked! I swear! Haha, but I bet you totally would love to see me naked, wouldn’t you, bringing me flowers! I’m just kidding bro, thanks for the flowers… really, they were really nice.”

The laughter’s back. He wasn’t kidding. He really was happy that I brought flowers.

So the nurse came and Luc, without a sound, grabbed the steel rails above his bed to drag his body in pause, and with the help of another nurse shifted onto a parallel stretcher where we rolled over to the elevator.

Luc rolls his head over to me.

38 – Wards 3800-3899

“Every time the elevator stops and slows…”

37 – Wards 3700-3799 and X-Ray Diagnostics

“…and goes… up and down…”

My back’s pressed up to the bumpy steel wall of the industrial sized elevator, and dim fluorescent light bathes us in the cramped, claustrophobic carriage. Just Lucas, the stretcher, two nurses and I.

“…it kinda feels like…”

36 – Physiotherapy and Hydrotherapy Pool

“…like a thousand tiny little daggers stabbing me…”

His voice was barely a whisper.


No matter what, no matter what, never give up, even when you’re in the worst possible situation. There’s nowhere else to go but up, all you have to do is move. Slowly, steady, but surely, there is only one direction! The situation around you will not change. If you don’t like the situation you’re in, do something about it. Nothing can change without a proactive approach. Do something productive and efficient! As long as you’re moving in the right direction, you’re doing great. No one can get you there, but yourself. Greatness cannot be achieved without struggle. Chin up. Never give up, never give in.

What is your proactive approach?


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