Balance Roses on the Go

Image (Rainbow rose)

I use to think sleep was for the weak, a total waste of time. If I got any sleep, it would only be for minimal hours. There were much better things to do in life, besides sleep. I would do anything that tickled my fancy, however never truly stop to smell the roses.

Working out three times a day and eating numerous full size meals, I was full of energy and bursting with life. Even a speeding train couldn’t slow me down. I felt invincible, nothing was impossible as the world was my oyster. I was going to do it all, living in the fast lane and never looking back. The candle was being burnt from both ends without a break.

To be honest, I was really tired, but the exhaustion before spinal injury is nothing compared to the exhaustion I have now. I feel worn down. How tired I was before, has no comparison to how tired I feel now. Before I could run for hours without getting tired, now I struggle with every step.

Others would smirk, and tell me that I look fine. I’d respond, you can’t judge a book by its cover, and a car by its body kit, you have to look between the covers and under the hood.

Everyday when I wake up I feel exhausted and worn out, perhaps it’s due to my old lifestyle, and because I’m in the healing process. Whatever it is, I would give anything to be pain free and have the energy again.

This is my first real break I’ve ever had. I’ve always been on the go, working, studying and training; I guess it’s my turn to rest. The Big Guy above is telling me to stop, and to really smell the roses.

Everything in life should be done in moderation, no matter what is it. A balance life is a harmonious life, and a harmonious life is a happy life.

How are you balancing your life?


7 thoughts on “Balance Roses on the Go

  1. Hi Lucas, I’m Paul. I noticed your comment on Tom’s blog. Wanted to express my thoughts on your healing. The human body is truly remarkable. It’s amazing to think that we have trillions of intelligent cells in our bodies that thrive so naturally and maintain our well-being. It’s also been shown (which I’m sure you have heard and are applying) that being in a positive emotional state (feeling happy) is the greatest factor in the healing process. A story which has inspired me tremendously is that of Morris Goodman, here’s the link: Anyway, I appreciate your excellent attitude and am happily following your blog! Keep in touch,

    • Hey Paul,

      Thanks for writing and sending me the video. I’m truly touched by your care and support. I’m trying everyday to better myself, and positivity definitely helps. I’d love to hear more anything that would help me to heal. Thank you again.

      Your friend,

    • Burning a candle is okay, but we need to allow time to rebuild, we need a balance. You are totally right as another health professional, we have to take time to relax,recoup and enjoy ourselves. Staying positive is the key! Thank you so much L. Clauss for the support 🙂

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