Seeing the World Anew

Image(Standing over the lights)

Everyday is a blessing. Having this second chance to be able to move again is truly a miracle, I’m really grateful for this opportunity to live my life now with clarity. The idea of leaving the hospital never even seemed possible. Whilst here, I would focus only on the activity at hand and then past out to recover, taking everything one step at a time for I didn’t know what was around the corner. The dream of one day leaving the hospital felt out of reach, but I was going to try my best anyways. This burning desire of independence was strong enough for me to push myself. Even being able feed myself or go to the bathroom was a luxury.

Today was a beautiful day, rainy and grey. The weather couldn’t affect my mood, it was a lot nicer than being stuck in a permanent concrete cage. Outside, there was an unfamiliar humid air that lathered my skin instead of the regular dry hospital air, it smelled like freedom, no more inhaling of cleaning detergent or bleach.

No more hospital food. I met my friends for a food adventure, starting at the shopping mall to the traditional less hygienic markets. Like Pac-man, we ate our way across the city one dish at a time. As the curtains came down on the night sky, it was time for dessert. We ate until our bellies hurt, and then some more, it was time to readjust our trousers and go for a walk.

Ever since leaving the hospital, a child like wonder had been awoken. Everything’s amazing, interesting and fun, it feels like I’m doing everything for the first time. Normal situations such as walking down the street, looking at signs, or the feeling an evening breeze was a treat. My mind felt stimulated and happy.

Sometimes we get so caught up in our normal day-to-day activities, that we forget how wonderful everything is. Awaking that child like wonder within makes everything fascinating and fun again. Find what triggers yours, and make it happen in your life.

What does your day look like through the eyes of a child?


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