How to Fill a Cup with your Mind


(Fresh water)

The weather rolled over from yesterday, reloading the gray misty sky. I didn’t once take a car today, saving back from the vibration pains. Now with the gift to walk, I was going to take full advantage of it.

The steps came one after another, step, step, cross the road, pavement, more steps, and the park. It’s hard to avoid people living in a dense populated city, however with strategic planning and an odd time schedule, I was in the clear. Swinging my arms in the park not only work well for keeping the crowds at bay, but also as mobility exercises. The green definitely was a nice change from my home décor, which was a lot less organic. Initially I was a bit self-conscious about exercising in public, but came to the realisation that healing my body outweighed the embarrassment. If anyone was looking funny at me, I would imagine it’s because they’re jealous, so I continued swinging.

The training continued as I weaved in and out to dinner. Learning to perceive the movements of on coming people before a collision. I felt like Simba at the stampedes, just that I couldn’t climb a tree or jump on their backs, eventually I ducked in for movie.


(Scene of the injury)

The crowds dispersed and I started trekking home. Walking without thinking, I somehow ended up at the scene of the injury. I swore that I would never visit this basketball court again. It was too overwhelming for me to accept, but some force in the universe made me confront it. To my surprise there was no flooding of tears; there were only feelings of sadness, and a relief to have recovered after one and a half years.

A friend of mine told me as we were walking back, “ It’s just a place, it’s no different than any other place, you have to get over it.” There’s truth in his words. It’s hard to swallow, but I must learn to eventually accept it and move on.

Events in life occur and sometimes we have no control over it. All we can do, is do the best we can, and then mentally change how we view the situation. No change can happen without it first taking place in the mind. You can either have half a cup full, or half a cup empty, make a good choice.

How have you chosen to fill your cup?


2 thoughts on “How to Fill a Cup with your Mind

  1. Great post Lucas, you are absolutely right when you say, “all we can do is the best we can, and then mentally change how we view the situation.” Something I remind myself is that, “I am where I am.” I like that because you can’t instantly switch to being somewhere else or instantly change the situtation. But as you say, by mentally changing the way you view the situation, you do allow yourself to move in a positive direction. I admire your courage, positive mindset, and persistance. Keep doing what you are doing, the improvements will continue, I know it! 🙂

    • Dear Paul,

      You have such a great mind set. The situation around us will not change without us taking initiative. No matter if we see it in a positive light or a negative light, it is what it is. The best thing we can do is choose to do it with joy.

      Thank you so much for the support 🙂

      Your friend,

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