One Step Back, Two Steps Forward and Away We Go


(Starting barbecue fire)

With the sun glistening through the ambient blue light sky, I was submerged in beauty. The days had been gray following up to now, and it was about time the sky showed its sunny face. To take advantage of such spectacular weather, my cousins and I held surprise birthday barbecue party.

People normally ask me, “ How often do you do physio Lucas?” Well since I was the first patient in the hospital to have such an injury, the hospital personnel and I decided to build the case together. I’ve always had a proactive approach on life. If something’s not going to happen, make it happen. It’s about how bad you want it, and what you’re willing to do to get it. Wanting to be independent and walk again, I had to do it, it wasn’t going to arrive by itself.

Initially I had physio six times a week, and rest once a week. Most of patients with spinal injury in my case (broken bones floating around and ripped nerves) have physio once a week, and rest six times a week. For me, being proactive and rest was the key to a speedy recovery. As I gained function and a reduction of pain, I got upgraded from hydrotherapy to land rehabilitation. All exercise done for gains should happen in steady incremental changes. As soon as I went on land, we pushed too hard, too fast and my physio sessions went from 5, 4, 3, 2, to 1 time a week. I got pushed so hard that I couldn’t recover in time for the next session. Even once I was pushed so hard that my right eye started to bleed from over doing it. This was another reminder to slow down and do things in moderation.

I don’t do physio any more, not because it’s bad for me, but I feel I could have more gains by doing something else. It’s not that I’m slacking off either. Usually when I do rehabilitation, I have to rest directly after until the pain goes away and I can function again. During my last check up, the doctor kept repeating, “ I know it’s hard, but try to do normal things again… I know it’s a lot harder to do than say, but you must try.” If I want a normal life I have to do it, this is my exercise. Doing activities of daily living sure beats exercising only once in the day, and than being forced to rest the rest of the day.

The rays were clear and direct, shining like a strong microwave. Today was a beautiful day to cook food not only with charcoal, but with the sun. We had been shunned from the light so long, that we all got sunburnt… at least all the food was thoroughly cooked.

After five hours of eating and singeing the hair on my fingers, we drove the bumpy road back. The pain in my back was now quite powerful from the activities of the day, and needed to rest. Just like a computer that gets over run or heated, I needed to reset my pain.

If progress or maintenance is being done, you’re doing right, don’t do anything that could lead to a set back, because if you’re injured or sick, you move further back than your progression. It’s better to move one step forward than two steps back. Set a good foundation. Moving slowly and sturdy forward wins the race. Step firm and confident before moving. Take your step.

How do you make sure you’re moving forward and not sliding back?


2 thoughts on “One Step Back, Two Steps Forward and Away We Go

  1. Hey Lucas, after reading several of your posts, I have to ask you, have you ever considered being a writer? Obviously you are a writer for your blog, but I mean writing e-books/books/articles could be one of your callings. I find your writing highly engaging, inspiring, and interesting. Anyway, just a thought. Really cool stuff, love your mindset. Your friend in New York,


    • Hey Paul, I’m really new to writing and really appreciate the compliment. I started writing to heal and help others, I hope it’s working! Thanks for your food for thoughts. Writing and connecting with you has been a real enjoyment. I would love to one day write a book or articles, it would be a dream. If you have any tips I’m all ears.

      Your friend from Hong Kong 🙂

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