How Backup Plans can get Rid of Eye Bags


(Hello from the pool)

Having no reason to wake up for, I slowly became an insomniac. I am enjoying the night as my friend. The darkness was soothing. The quiet still air aided me in my journey of self-discovery. What I can usually do during the day, I can still do it through the silent night. It is a peaceful time, it is my time, where silence eliminates distractions from the day, and I am deep in the company of my thoughts.

I do not get tired. I wake up exhausted. Usually I am on autopilot just to get me through the day. Today, I woke up not long just after falling asleep. Upon waking, my body felt heavier than normal days. It felt like I was still on Gilligan’s island, and the little people came to greet me.

Suddenly, an earthquake shook the island and a thousand needles were piercing my back. It was as if Bob the Builder went trigger happy with a nail gun. My greatest pet peeve is drilling. Breaking from the ropes of the welcoming islanders, I suddenly woke up to the noise of the construction workers, drilling into the outer wall of my flat. This was the needle drilling in my back that I seemed to share with the wall. What an unpleasant, painful morning awakening. Welcome to high-rise dwelling!

There was no time for sulking if I wanted to try to sleep more. I got ready and headed off hoping to catch some relaxed sleep by the poolside. I am not really one for talent when it comes to sleeping. My eye bags have eye bags. I mainly lay on my back until there is a disturbance, and take up the first excuse to get on my feet.


(How to avoid mosquitoes)

This time escaping from the drilling vibrations, I laid by the pool for five hours trying to get some shut-eye. Unfortunately, the theme of the day was ‘getting poked’, even the mosquitoes wanted some action. The buffet was open and I was itchy. Some of God’s creatures were very happy and very well fed.

Always have a back up plan. When the back up plan fails, have another plan. If that fails too, make the choice that seems the best and least regrettable. If all else fails, keep pushing, eventually you’ll get there. Go with the flow. Maybe it will not happen today, or maybe not tomorrow, but it may happen the day after tomorrow. You never know, keep pressing on.

Are your backup backup plans in place?


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