Ricocheting Improvements


(My friends said if I brought a suit, a hat and whistle to dodgeball they’d win.

The suit has no affect…)

Today, I was thrilled to receive a text message from the hospital reminding me of my coming appointment for a check up. It was a nice surprise, because hospitals usually never text a patient individually.

I was expecting an email notification, because against all odds, I had hoped of a full recovery by then. Taking a plane for a celebration of recovery was going to be my one-year adventure landmark. I was ready to have that fresh start, with no aches, no pains, only good time living.

I am still working for that dream to come true. As for now, all my travelling plans have been postponed. Flight is not possible yet, because the vibrations will hurt me. There would be a domino effect of backache, headache, forgetting how to walk, and in extreme circumstances seizures and spasms due to pain. Visiting family members and those that helped me greatly during my trial will be worth overcoming all these challenges.

The hospital’s text message was a relief. Besides reminding me of the appointment, it sparked a realisation of the improvements I have made! Since my last check up in November 2012, I have healed up heaps! I now walked more steps and climbed higher mountains. Even when my body wants to give out, I climb with my heart.

Pain is the status quo. Yesterday, in the middle of a dodgeball game, a ball ricochets off the wall and hits me in the back. Ouch, super ouch! Anger rushed through my veins. I froze for a moment. Grabbing my composer, I pulled myself together. Yes, I have improved! To be able to withstand a hit like that means that I have healed better than before! It truly was a blessing in disguise. Naturally, I would not hit myself in the back to test my improvements. Everything happens for a reason. My back surely showed that ball who is boss! However, I am not saying I am open to free punches in the back from now on.

How much have you improved since you last checked?


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