Important Lessons at the Toughest Times

Image(Droplets raining down on me)

This pass week has been yet another learning curve. It seems that no matter what is happening in life, a lesson is there to be learnt. An inevitable escape of just being doesn’t really seem to exist in the circumstances I’m presented. So I guess it is yet another great experience, of yet another cycle of progress and recession.

The greatest gains this week, had to be my mental state through hiking and swimming. Don’t get me wrong, it does hurt, but if I can just push through this, and can get through all of it, then I can do anything in life. I got to sound strong especially when times are tough, or there is something stopping me, because I got to be louder than the voice that tells me “No”.

Yesterday was the first time, and I mean first time walking in the rain since my spinal injury. It felt liberating to finally walk through all the mini droplets and vibrations without being immobilised. My echolocation was so confused and the stimulations to my nerves were going crazy, but it was very refreshing to be able to leave my house and experience it. A danger that I finally worked up to a safe level before attempting, but I still have to be very cautious. The steps I took were very slow, but very stable, foot, foot and crutch, foot, it took forever to go anywhere… longer than usual, but I was safe.

The mental strength gain was not only in being able to push through the pain, but also knowing when to retract and take things light. Reversing to my previous stage, adjusting my techniques and adapting to the new circumstances. This was strongly taught to me yesterday, when I eagerly decided to hang on a pull up bar. I wanted to heal so badly, that I thought my back would stretch out and everything would fall into place through the hang. Little did I know, a different effect was going to happen! My back and everything did stretch, but my nerve got caught pinching it. I could not allow my back to retract for a long time! Initially I hung on the pull up bar for a long long time, my arms were so tired, but I couldn’t let go, because it hurts more than being tired. After a while, I got my smarts together and realised that if I kept my shoulders shrugged it would keep my back stretched. Eventually I miraculously shuffled like a mummy to lay in my bed.

The next five hours was a mixture of physiotherapy and yoga work to release my nerves. Here, I found out that I was able to be massage very lightly to release the tender nerves.

There is a lesson to learn in every experience especially when things are not going our way. The strongest lessons are taught when faced within these adverse situations. If things are not going your way, make the best of what you have, until there is a good change. Hopefully the situation will never come back, but if it does, you’ll be ready to triumph over it the second time. There will be darkness in the light, as there will always be light in the darkness.

What have you learned through your time of adversity?




12 thoughts on “Important Lessons at the Toughest Times

  1. You show us all true strength – seeing your cup half full rather than half enpty and looking forward with hope and trust. We are what we think. Keep thinking the right thoughts. Banish the ones that serve you no purpose. Why things happen are not always clear. Sometimes there’s no benefit to using energy wondering. Keep taking one step at a time and you will achieve the health you crave. You can do anything if you’ve got this far! Work to be upright AND relaxed in perfect posture 🙂 Kind regards, Sian

    • I love the energy you into positivity. Your have a great mind between your ears. I also love when you said, “Sometimes there’s no benefit to using energy wondering.” Motivation and great people are contagious, lets never keep talking hahah.
      Cheers, Lucas

  2. Pain is definitely a sign, it is a great thing to know that you take things so positive and are alive 🙂 I do not know your struggles, but I know you’re strong from these words. May I ask what you had to overcome? Big stretch hug back to you from Hong Kong 🙂

  3. I am glad you figured out to slouch your shoulders to maintain some relief to get out of your predicament. In times of high stress it is always panic that does us in. Gaining a calm head is always the first task. Just a shame the hang did not bring you the immediate comfort you were seeking. Let’s just hope that the exercise will prove to be a benefit down the road.
    Take care pal!

    • I guess sometimes slouching is a good thing! Remaining a calm head is important or we can cause more damage to ourselves.

      Since last hanging on the pull-up bar I haven’t tried again. I’ve been lightly swimming to get the same benefits and it’s slowly working!

      I hope the exercise is working too 😛 At least it keeps my mind occupied. Every stroke I take in swimming I say to myself, ” I am healing.”


    • I don’t take any pain meds. From the start I decided if I was going to heal, I was going to do it healthy and the most natural way. This way the pain meds won’t confuse any nerve signals, I won’t be dependent on any pills, and I wouldn’t have any complications.

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