Ha Ha Healing


They say laughter is the best medicine, and I guess it is the best medicine when I do not have to swallow any tablets. This weekend, Russell Peters (a comedian) was in town and I was at his show, hoping to get some healing through the laughs.

He started his act by saying, “ Thanks for coming to see my show. I’m really glad you guys came. I really am, because if you guys didn’t come to this place, it would be empty.” His jokes came one after the other. The audience were tickled with non-stop laughter. I was equally tickled, but unfortunately I could not belly laugh like the rest of the jolly crowd. I had to be in control of each laugh so that the vibrations do not hurt me.

Then I would try a bit more to push the boundaries, rest a bit, and then try again, laughing slowly incrementally a bit more at a time. This comedy show was another first for me, I hate to admit it, but I was scared of the effects of laughter, of the laughing crowds, the vibrations and all that comes with it in that place.

The stadium was packed like tuna, however it was well organized and each one of us tunas had seats. The audience lost themselves in the laughs. Hooray for them, not so awesome at all for me. Even the background bass music was strong. To brace myself, I would anticipate each upcoming joke before it happened, and then tidal waves of feet stomping, hand clapping and bleacher shaking would take place. Laughing is good for the soul, but awfully painful for my back.

I do endorse and love people laughing, and if I had a show myself, I would sell milk at it, because I would love to see a milk fountain of laugher showering everyone. Got milk?

Each wave came with a storm of vibrations behind it. The attached bleachers shock in unison, and I was absorbing the waves. Just like a boxer leaning forward flexing his abs to absorb the shot, I had to prepare to get pummelled.  The circulations in my legs were bad and I was in pain… time for a walk, bathroom break.

Arriving back in my seat, Russell asked an audience member, “ You like Hong Kong?” The audience member mumbled. Russell cuts him off responding swiftly, “You better like Hong Kong, because you’re here. There might be a better place to be, but you’re here so deal with It.” the audience laughed on…

He meant it in a joking way of course and everyone laughed, but I know he is right though. We are in the situations we are in. We cannot instantaneously change what is happening. However, we can change the way we view it. Just like him moving from Canada to California for a better life, we can shift our mindsets for a better life too. We must come to the acceptance of the situation, and then we can make that difference. 

Do not let the circumstances you cannot control bother you, because it will not change directly or right away. We must do what we can, with what we have, and then the circumstances will change the situation around us. We too can do great things if we take control.

How are you taking control of your situation?




18 thoughts on “Ha Ha Healing

  1. Guess what? I am going to see Russell Peters when he comes to Sweden. And he is from my home country too. I am sorry that you have to control your laughter, but your unique experience at a comedy show was very interesting. I hope that eventually you can laugh without thinking. Big hugs.

    • Wow that’s so cool! So how was it :P? Which joke did you like the most? The world is an amazing and small place. Who knew that through blogging and comedian shows we are connected. There’s probably more connection still yet to be uncovered.

      Thanks for the wishes and the massive hug. I wish too that one day I can laugh so hard without pain till I cry 😀

      Your friend,

  2. I’m in awe of you. I had no idea, even though you’ve talked about what’s happened before, how much you go through just to do something simple lie laugh! There are places that I really have to work myself up to going. The movies are one of those places. I usually have to leave the show early because of extreme pain, so I know kind of what you’re talking about. It used to be that we couldn’t go out to eat without me having to run out of the restaurant sick. It’s embarrassing and not pleasant at all for others I go with.

    But aren’t you proud that you went? Looking back on it, it’s an experience and every experience for you is like something to mark off a bucket list. Things really WILL get better and they won’t be as big of a deal as this was. Look how far you’ve already come! Oh and laughter really IS the best medicine 🙂

    • I’m sorry that you can relate to me and feel the same way, but through it I have a closer friend. I am glad I went to the show looking back now. Not realising it, you are right, I am ticking things off my bucket list. I’m so caught up with just trying to survive the moment, that I didn’t realise the truly blessing I had endured. Laughter is the best medicine and smiling comes second. Thanks for making me smile 🙂

  3. Lucas, First let me say thank you for sharing your inspirational story. I have a relative who suffered a spinal infection and is now in rehab. We have hopes she will move again too, so your story is inspirational to people like us.

    Now, onto laughing for medicine. Every time I’ve had to recover from a medical issue, I put my favorite comedies on TV and laugh through the recuperation period. I have DVD’s of my favorites and they have helped me through a couple of surgery recoveries. I know your positive attitude and willingness to laugh will bring you to your healthiest you.

    • Hey Lori, I’m so sorry to hear about your relative who is suffering. I would love to speak to your relative so we can go on this healing journey together.

      I too miss laughing hard, and enjoy it so much. Most the time I endure the pain as I have a giggle, but even in the midst of pain it cheers me up, and I somehow get better the next time round.

      What are some of your favourite comedies?

  4. Your post is such perfect timing! Right now I am trying to live with that idea of why let something bother you that you cannot change? Where you are, how certain people in your life are, etc. Change what you control, and let everything else go! Or else you’ll be stuck in a toxic cycle mindset! WOO that felt good haha and it made me happy to read your blog entry 🙂

    • One rotten apple can spoil a batch, and a person on your back and can stop you from finishing a marathon. We must not let something stop us from the greatness we can achieve. Cut the negativity and continue on living. I’m glad I made you happy 🙂

  5. I’ve been following your blogs now for a while and each blog post has made me see what a determined individual you are. The pain you describe seems unbearable and things I take for granted like laughing you are having difficulty with and yet you find a way to bear it and still enjoy it as much as you can! It’s inspiring! Another great lesson and blog post! 🙂

    • Thank you so much for joining me along this journey. There is power in numbers 😀 And I can too see that you are doing great things in your life, with this presence of awareness 😀

  6. I am glad to know you ventured on a quest to lighten your mood. I am so enlightened by your explanation of the hurdles you were met with as you struggled to be entertained at the show. It is clear that your sense of humor is intact; had I been drinking milk at the time I read your reference to it, you would have had your fountain.
    Best wishes my friend!

    • Although my body was hurt, my sense for laughing is here to stay. Fountains of anything are beautiful, and if I was next to you, I would pass you that carton of milk myself 😀 Then laugh… with you of course 😛 not at you 😀

      Your friend,

    • Hey Shilpa, thank you so much for the encouragement. I write from the heart, and hope to help as many people as I can as I help myself. Your prayers are working so please continue to pray 😀 Is there anything I can also pray for you?

      Your friend,

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