Double Productivity Without Knowing It


All is a matter of perspective. As I was going about my rainy drizzly day, I realise my slacking off yesterday was much noticeable today. My lack of eating and sleep was really felt this training session. It is never a good thing to go to bed hungry, if you are going to train the next day. I barely had enough energy to muscle my way through the swim and had to use a lot of mind power to push myself through the session. We must remember that eating and resting is also part of our training, so we need to incorporate discipline for eating and resting too.

This bad day was beating down on me with the pain as I struggled to pull myself through the exercise, but I continued repeating my mantra. If we repeat something enough times, believe in it, and work on it, it has to come true. It just has to for me…

Emotions and time is all relative, so how I am feeling is only a charge of chemical reactions at this state. When I was aware of that, I felt more in control and better.

After swimming, I collected myself and started thinking over my training program, and within the same minute I was brimming with a huge smile.  I was so happy! To be honest, I have been out of practice for mathematics for a long time, so what I thought was … one kilometre actually turned out to be two! This whole time I had been swimming over two kilometres and did not even realised that I actually doubled my goal! No wonder I was twice as tired than I had expected. It was like when I used to lift weights and thought I was weak, then found out I had been lifting in kilograms and not pounds. It was then that I realised that I was actually strong. The joy of receiving good news always comes paired with open arms. I learnt from my mistake and started fuelling up after the swim.

My oblivious mind was so focused on pushing forward, that I missed out a detail in reviewing my plan to see where I was. It is important to keep a record and think through of the path that we are going on is in the right direction, and that we are doing the right procedures. Since my concentration was so focused on moving forward, I did not realised I had actually accomplished my goal. It was also a blessing in disguise! On the other hand, if I had found out sooner, I might not have pushed so hard. It totally was an unsung blessing.

Aim far and keep pushing, because we ourselves don’t even know the capacity of our potential until we’re there. Once there, keep going, because only good stuff can come from such perseverance.

As a side note, when pushing so hard to accomplish our goals, we must take time to review our progress. Who knows, you might discover other joys along the way.  When reviewing, we might even tweak it to gain the most out of it. Not knowing the end, but having short goals, and striving to always be the best, we can be pushed further than we know it.

What discovery have you made from self-reflection?


One Gulp of Air, One Gulp of Water

Image(Victory feast)

I am ecstatic and excited about what I have achieved! I cannot believe I swam over one kilometre with just my upper body. That is equal to 2400 single arm pull-ups. Of course, it is easier to do so in the water, but doing anything 2400 times is tiring.

It is not only the swim that I am super happy about, it is moreover the progress of how far I have made it from being a vegetable. I still cannot believe the progress I have made, to be able to come this far to achieve victory today. All I did was focus every single day on working smartly and dedicated to my plan. I ensure that every decision I made was a contribution to my recovery. If there was a reason that it could contribute to some shape or form of healing I would be on it.

This second time round when I first attempted swimming, I was barely able to pathetically make it to ten laps. I had to push myself as hard as I could with breaks as long as I needed just to make it through. Now, I still need to take the breaks in between, but I have accomplished a much greater distance just by consistently adding one or two laps each time!

Yes I was in pain, yes I was tired, yes my body wanted to quit multiple times, but my mind had a burning determination that just refused to quit, no matter what. Through these obstacles, I will continue to grow stronger and push even harder because I have over come many challenges. We can achieve so much by pushing our self with consistency, adding on doing one good little different thing each day to help improve oneself.

Arriving in the pool less than an hour before the pool closed, I had to buck up straight into gear in order to accomplish my one kilometre swim. I gave it my all with every breath of air that I took, and every gulp of water that I drank.

I’m healing, I’m healing, I’m healing, I repeated to myself with every stroke. Every stroke that I took was a stroke of health, as the oxygen and nutrients circulated my back. The healing was happening deep within, for I knew there was a greater deep monumental shift of healing. I could feel every cell in my body working for a great purpose. Every single cell in each of our bodies wants us to be in the best health that it could be. The amazing orchestration of life is here to serve us, heal us and make us feel amazing. All we need to do is to put in a little bit of effort and it will do the rest of the work. It is a great deal! No matter if I exercise for a few minutes or even one hour, it will do the rest of the work for the day, twenty-three hours of free service, now that’s a marriage made in heaven.

Swimming was down to a science, with the precision time of rest and the time of each lap I earned. I know there are no handouts and there are no freebies in healing. Everything I want, I got to earn, and I got to own it as mine. The swimming symbolised my come back to stand up on my own feet again, and I am proud to do it in my own style, cutting the water like butter.

The lights flickered slowly turning off one by one, time was running out. I pleaded to keep the lights on a little bit more, because it meant so much more for me than a just a dip in the pool. To achieve the one kilometre swim with just my upper body is unbelievable! Underwater, as I glided to touch the finishing point I shouted “YESSSS!” It might be easy for someone else, but every lap was a struggle and huge achievement for me. I am thrilled. Hooray!

For now, I am not a strong believer in being able to wake up running a marathon, but I am a believer that I will one day run again. There will always be many uncertainties for tomorrow, but know this…. there will always be certainty for the future. If we work hard enough for what we want with solid conviction, our dreams will come true. Do the time and you will shine.

What is your solid conviction shining for?


Thankful For Today


I was at a celebration of life. My best friend’s father passed on. These past three years have had more than two hands worth of passings…. It is really hard to see things happen suddenly, unexpectedly. The memories of our last encounter and all of encounters flew to me like a vision. The memory of our last meeting was a magical experience. I was still warded in the hospital. One day, coming back to my room after my physiotherapy, I received a stick tab with a note wishing that I was well and that Uncle S was also in the hospital too. I was to call him and that he could visit my room, or I could visit his.

Through my spinal injury ordeal, I have learned that things happened for a good reason. I am taking every opportunity to be in the moment. I immediately took up this opportunity of paying Uncle S a visit. I was determined to make the trip to his ward independently on my own. After a much needed little rest on the bed, I was gently helped up, and out of bed. I took a deep breath, strapped on my back brace, stood up straight, wobbled slowly but surely and steadily with my double elbow crutches down to his ward. It seemed a tedious, painful long journey but I made good progress for I finally made it to the voice behind the message.

We talked about life, family, good wishings on love ones, and what we were working towards. He showed me his elbow injury and I explained mine only with minimal robotic movements. It was a breath of fresh air for me to be able to see someone close, that I never expected to see in the hospital. He taught me that sometimes what needs to be done is not what people want to hear, but someone has got to do it to achieve what they want.

The nurses came, drew the curtains and were confused for a second, to which of us was the patient for blood pressure readings and medication. After a few laughs, we pointed them to the right direction.

That was Uncle S’ last day in the hospital and we said our goodbyes. Seeing him leave the hospital motivated me even more. I need to work harder to be able to leave the hospital too. It was always a blow to my morale, and a huge motivational envy booster when other people came and left the hospital so fast, yet I still had to be there. So I did the work…

A lot of sad events in life happen out of the blue. There is no time for closure and no time to resolve. It is painful when things happen this way. It is easier for me to accept when I am not directly involved, but it is so disheartening and painful to see loved ones trying to hold themselves up in such tender moment of their lives.

Each day goes by as just another normal day. It could be the last day, or a start of something brand new. The perspective is how we see the glass, half empty or half full. Today we can cry about yesterday, or rejoice that it happened and go through the motions for tomorrow.

Times are tough when something is lost, and cliché is true enough. We do not know what we have until it is gone. These times of hardships are to challenge us and change us as a whole. If we are not done growing and there are still lessons to be learnt we will be in this period. Only when we have fully learnt everything we need to learn, we will be ready to move on. For the lesson phase, we have to get through all the material, experience it, and then we will be able to move on, able to apply it, or just have it.

Celebrate and treasure what you have. Work towards what you want. Feel the whole experience. Be with what is, for everything in life only happens once.

What are you thankful for?

Drive Without a Car


With the smiles of procrastination and the comfort of the couch seeming so nice, moving a finger doesn’t seem that appealing. The thought of having to shift from the status quo, is blinded by the short term happiness of just being. This state of just marinating in the present situation instead of really living is how most of us spend our lives. The couch symbolises the current situation we’re in, it might not be thorny or it might be rosy, but no matter what, it is stagnant and we can do so much better.

Everyday is a rehab day, everyday I try to get better. To breath, feel and radiate motivation doesn’t come easy and needs training in itself. Everyday I get into a routine to wake myself up and kick start an engine to get into my peak state. I take my juice, do my mobility exercises, intake my nutritious packed meal, get my liquids in and change into my training gear. At this point I can still talk myself out of exercising, lingering around a bit, but I know that if I don’t go I will not improve. I know that if I’m already feelings lazy not wanting to do more, then changing out of my exercise clothes would take more effort… so I leave for the pool.

My body is limber, nice and ready, I took off my shirt, started walking to the pool. Boy, the wind was really strong and it was really cold. I got to keep moving. I reached the pool and hydrate before swimming. I know the water that I drink now won’t really help with my swimming immediately, but it’s the only thing that I can do to buy time. I was still procrastinating. Gently lowering myself into the swimming pool my shoulders are shrugged and I am tiptoed. There’s absolutely no point in turning back now. I have to swim or I’ll catch a cold. I threw on my goggles, ducked my head in, and got started.

This ritual I created minus the procrastination educes an entry for peak state. Once the ball gets rolling, movement is easier. Once I’m swimming there is no hesitation and I continue. With each stroke that I took I would say to myself, “ I am healing.” The energy burn started burning down my arm. This is nothing compared to my nerve pain, so I continued. Yes I can, I entered into a state of self-reflection and kept pushing. As the strokes got harder to do and I ran out of air, I accidentally inhaled water. Umm… chlorine, it’s happening right now and I know with the work I put in, I will definitely improve, I am certain.

Thoughts float about in my head as I splashed and swam from side to side. Should I rest? Should I quit now? Heck no! Questioning myself, why do I do it, I got even stronger. Without a single thought in my head to take a step back and even wondering why I wasn’t more excited initially, I continued pulling with my arms.

I know I must, not only because I want to, but because I have to. Only when people have their back against a wall or when there is no other choice, then the choice is easiest to make than when people have a comfortable normal life without a desire to do something better for themselves. It is clear to me that I must work hard everyday to my best ability to heal so I can live the way I want without limitations.

If it’s a must for you, you will make it work. I cannot stress the importance of wanting and actually following through. All we have to do, is break through the fear barrier and it gets easier. Find your purpose and take action.

If it doesn’t work, I will find a way. If it doesn’t work I will make a way.

What is your purpose?

Find Your Greatness

This is Nathan. He is 12 years old. He’s from London, Ohio. Greatness is not beyond his reach, nor is it for any of us.

Greatness is a misconception many people have in their head. It is not something people are born with, but something we all work to achieve. The process is forever on going, and forever worth it. Greatness is for everyone who dedicates themselves with everything they have.

If he can do it, we all can do it.

Tick Tock Do the Slow Motion


Hey guys, the past two weeks have been wild weather. Just my luck, as my laptop charger broke after surviving years of jiggling to get it to work, and finally needed to be replaced. The weather has been rainy, hot, cold and with even up to 99% humidity. During this time we had public holidays in Hong Kong so the stores were closed. I wasn’t able to venture out to buy another charger with the dangers and the stores being closed, but all is good and charging again.

 Without further ado, here is my current experience with time and getting better:

Time passes by so slow, I feel like this past year has been dragging behind, and all I’m doing is waiting for time to pass so I can start fully living. I’m so sick of being like a hermit crab and waiting for time to pass by so I could change my shell. At least I’m trying to shorten this time by being proactive and trying to do what I can to speed up my recovery. My friends always ask me, “ Wassup?” and pinching my fingers together I reply, “ Just training and getting a bit better everyday. Rehab and resting”, showing the amount of progress made with the space between my fingers.

The life style I live right now is very zened out and kind of movie like. I focus on training everyday to get better. I feel like an old man, and I say this not by age, but because everyday I’m exhausted and in pain from recovering, growing new nerves, and desensitizing the nerves. I really want to be good, and so I exercise now, not because I’m keeping active, but because I need to and want to.

It is also a different period in my life where I am allowed and have to focus on healing or else I won’t be able to do anything else. For what I do now will heavily impact the rest of my life with everything I do. Persistence makes practice, and practice makes the habit. It is in our daily habits of how we do the smallest things, that impact how we do the biggest things in life.

A lot of people say time passes by when you’re having fun. Before my injury it was going by without enough hours in the day, but I guess now I must not be having that much fun, but at least time I’m making progress. We don’t have to love what we do, but we have to do what we need to, to get where we should.

You never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have.

What daily practices are you doing everyday?