Now VS Forever


Even when times are tough, know it will get better. If we are in pain, we might as well be doing something beneficial to get through that period, because it’s already happening. The only way to get out of the pain, is if we take action to move forward instead of staying in one place.

Suffering is momentary, but victory is forever!


8 thoughts on “Now VS Forever

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    • In pain I can only think about getting better. It only inspires me to get better, because I cannot stay stagnant in the status quo. Being pain-free is definitely better than feeling pain hahha, but through any sort of pain we learn the lesson the most thorough. Thank for the words of encouragement. I will keep moving forward knowing you are with me Molly 🙂

  2. Reblogged this on Nisa Demanis and commented:
    Through an experience, mind will mature or not. Life can be fun or not. Relationship can stay or broken. Friends are loyal or turn their back on us. We can find who with us, who were not and learn to handle bad thing excellently. Experience is.

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