Drive Without a Car


With the smiles of procrastination and the comfort of the couch seeming so nice, moving a finger doesn’t seem that appealing. The thought of having to shift from the status quo, is blinded by the short term happiness of just being. This state of just marinating in the present situation instead of really living is how most of us spend our lives. The couch symbolises the current situation we’re in, it might not be thorny or it might be rosy, but no matter what, it is stagnant and we can do so much better.

Everyday is a rehab day, everyday I try to get better. To breath, feel and radiate motivation doesn’t come easy and needs training in itself. Everyday I get into a routine to wake myself up and kick start an engine to get into my peak state. I take my juice, do my mobility exercises, intake my nutritious packed meal, get my liquids in and change into my training gear. At this point I can still talk myself out of exercising, lingering around a bit, but I know that if I don’t go I will not improve. I know that if I’m already feelings lazy not wanting to do more, then changing out of my exercise clothes would take more effort… so I leave for the pool.

My body is limber, nice and ready, I took off my shirt, started walking to the pool. Boy, the wind was really strong and it was really cold. I got to keep moving. I reached the pool and hydrate before swimming. I know the water that I drink now won’t really help with my swimming immediately, but it’s the only thing that I can do to buy time. I was still procrastinating. Gently lowering myself into the swimming pool my shoulders are shrugged and I am tiptoed. There’s absolutely no point in turning back now. I have to swim or I’ll catch a cold. I threw on my goggles, ducked my head in, and got started.

This ritual I created minus the procrastination educes an entry for peak state. Once the ball gets rolling, movement is easier. Once I’m swimming there is no hesitation and I continue. With each stroke that I took I would say to myself, “ I am healing.” The energy burn started burning down my arm. This is nothing compared to my nerve pain, so I continued. Yes I can, I entered into a state of self-reflection and kept pushing. As the strokes got harder to do and I ran out of air, I accidentally inhaled water. Umm… chlorine, it’s happening right now and I know with the work I put in, I will definitely improve, I am certain.

Thoughts float about in my head as I splashed and swam from side to side. Should I rest? Should I quit now? Heck no! Questioning myself, why do I do it, I got even stronger. Without a single thought in my head to take a step back and even wondering why I wasn’t more excited initially, I continued pulling with my arms.

I know I must, not only because I want to, but because I have to. Only when people have their back against a wall or when there is no other choice, then the choice is easiest to make than when people have a comfortable normal life without a desire to do something better for themselves. It is clear to me that I must work hard everyday to my best ability to heal so I can live the way I want without limitations.

If it’s a must for you, you will make it work. I cannot stress the importance of wanting and actually following through. All we have to do, is break through the fear barrier and it gets easier. Find your purpose and take action.

If it doesn’t work, I will find a way. If it doesn’t work I will make a way.

What is your purpose?


6 thoughts on “Drive Without a Car

  1. I just have no words for you. I believe in you though. You’re probably the strongest person I’ve had the pleasure of meeting. You FOR SURE make me ashamed of my lazy days. I’m on my couch as I type this cause I’ve given in to being lazy and embracing the comfort.

  2. Luke, I just ran across this post today. It was written by this woman’s son who underwent a brain injury . It brought me to my knees and I thought of you and how I think you could definitely relate and maybe even help him as he helps and inspires you as well. Maybe we all can help each other 🙂 Anyway, I’ve passed along the information on your blog to them and I want to also give YOU the blog where Nick writes about attitude and his own injury and mostly hope. Hope this makes sense (my comment, I mean)! lol

    • Thanks so much Michelle for this :)! I read this and was truly touched. I’m so happy that Nick healed, and people that have been paralyzed for 20 years can still heal. My faith is stronger now, and I owe it to you 🙂

  3. Inspiring post as usual! I love the line: “This state of just marinating in the present situation instead of really living is how most of us spend our lives.” You just totally described me the past few days in that one sentence! Thanks for making me realise I need to move! 🙂

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