Thankful For Today


I was at a celebration of life. My best friend’s father passed on. These past three years have had more than two hands worth of passings…. It is really hard to see things happen suddenly, unexpectedly. The memories of our last encounter and all of encounters flew to me like a vision. The memory of our last meeting was a magical experience. I was still warded in the hospital. One day, coming back to my room after my physiotherapy, I received a stick tab with a note wishing that I was well and that Uncle S was also in the hospital too. I was to call him and that he could visit my room, or I could visit his.

Through my spinal injury ordeal, I have learned that things happened for a good reason. I am taking every opportunity to be in the moment. I immediately took up this opportunity of paying Uncle S a visit. I was determined to make the trip to his ward independently on my own. After a much needed little rest on the bed, I was gently helped up, and out of bed. I took a deep breath, strapped on my back brace, stood up straight, wobbled slowly but surely and steadily with my double elbow crutches down to his ward. It seemed a tedious, painful long journey but I made good progress for I finally made it to the voice behind the message.

We talked about life, family, good wishings on love ones, and what we were working towards. He showed me his elbow injury and I explained mine only with minimal robotic movements. It was a breath of fresh air for me to be able to see someone close, that I never expected to see in the hospital. He taught me that sometimes what needs to be done is not what people want to hear, but someone has got to do it to achieve what they want.

The nurses came, drew the curtains and were confused for a second, to which of us was the patient for blood pressure readings and medication. After a few laughs, we pointed them to the right direction.

That was Uncle S’ last day in the hospital and we said our goodbyes. Seeing him leave the hospital motivated me even more. I need to work harder to be able to leave the hospital too. It was always a blow to my morale, and a huge motivational envy booster when other people came and left the hospital so fast, yet I still had to be there. So I did the work…

A lot of sad events in life happen out of the blue. There is no time for closure and no time to resolve. It is painful when things happen this way. It is easier for me to accept when I am not directly involved, but it is so disheartening and painful to see loved ones trying to hold themselves up in such tender moment of their lives.

Each day goes by as just another normal day. It could be the last day, or a start of something brand new. The perspective is how we see the glass, half empty or half full. Today we can cry about yesterday, or rejoice that it happened and go through the motions for tomorrow.

Times are tough when something is lost, and cliché is true enough. We do not know what we have until it is gone. These times of hardships are to challenge us and change us as a whole. If we are not done growing and there are still lessons to be learnt we will be in this period. Only when we have fully learnt everything we need to learn, we will be ready to move on. For the lesson phase, we have to get through all the material, experience it, and then we will be able to move on, able to apply it, or just have it.

Celebrate and treasure what you have. Work towards what you want. Feel the whole experience. Be with what is, for everything in life only happens once.

What are you thankful for?


13 thoughts on “Thankful For Today

    • I think it is good that you are thankful and grateful, but to the right amount. Through the way you speak, I can tell you’re very appreciative, so do not worry if something does not last, even after you have done what you needed to. The things worth staying will stay when you do what what is needed 🙂 Everything has a purpose and a timing 🙂

  1. I am thankful for so many things – and yoga helps me every day. We all do the best we can at any given time. Keep getting stronger inwardly as well as outwardly Lucas, and relish every moment of getting there – you inspire us all.
    BTW in your top photo are you standing at the waterfront in Sai Kung?

    • I’m so glad yoga helps you. We must do what we can, when we can. I’m even thinking of doing yoga when my body helps up a bit more because as you preach, it is superb for our bodies 🙂 I use to work primarily on my body, but after my injury, am forced to work on my mind. Many blessings have come out of it that I would never have received, if I had only continued working on my body 🙂 The picture above was taken in Dai Mei Dok, it is a great place for barbecues and bicycling riding.Are you familiar with Sai Kung?

    • Bridgette!!! This is amazing, I am so happy. Even though we have never personally met, you have put the biggest smile on my face 🙂 May I ask, what you have done with your life since 10/01/2009 :)?

      Your friend,

  2. I am thankful for my family who supports me, for my dog who loves me unconditionally, for God who always guides me, for the opportunity to pursue my passions, for my health…I could name so many wonderful blessings in my life, and I really do try to live in such a way that everyday is a testament to my appreciation for all that I have been given.

    You are amazing in your indomitable spirit…that was one of the Tenets of Taekwondo that we recited at the beginning of each class. If I have ever encountered someone who fully represents an indomitable spirit, it is you!

    Please keep the posts coming. I love hearing about your journey and know that you will achieve all that you are working so hard to accomplish!

    • What a wonder life and spirit you have. I love the attitude of gratitude you portray. Unconditional love is the best love, and all love is good love.

      My spirit has been stronger and empowered by such kindness and words like yours, thank you. I’ve never been called to have an indomitable spirit, but feel indomitable especially after the title you’ve given me.

      I’ll keep on posting, because we are on a journey together!

      Your friend,

  3. I am thankful I can keep myself steady though it is soo hard for people who are not normal like meto keep living. I’m so glad my family were always there protecting and supporting me and also my willpower to live as normal people. And I’m thankful I can reason out the negative in me and change it to a positive one 🙂

    • Aca ca ba? Being positive is a state that one must work on everyday. I’m happy your family was there for you during hardship, but even more important, that you came back from the darkness. Know that you can speak to me any time, cause I’ll support you too 🙂

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