One Gulp of Air, One Gulp of Water

Image(Victory feast)

I am ecstatic and excited about what I have achieved! I cannot believe I swam over one kilometre with just my upper body. That is equal to 2400 single arm pull-ups. Of course, it is easier to do so in the water, but doing anything 2400 times is tiring.

It is not only the swim that I am super happy about, it is moreover the progress of how far I have made it from being a vegetable. I still cannot believe the progress I have made, to be able to come this far to achieve victory today. All I did was focus every single day on working smartly and dedicated to my plan. I ensure that every decision I made was a contribution to my recovery. If there was a reason that it could contribute to some shape or form of healing I would be on it.

This second time round when I first attempted swimming, I was barely able to pathetically make it to ten laps. I had to push myself as hard as I could with breaks as long as I needed just to make it through. Now, I still need to take the breaks in between, but I have accomplished a much greater distance just by consistently adding one or two laps each time!

Yes I was in pain, yes I was tired, yes my body wanted to quit multiple times, but my mind had a burning determination that just refused to quit, no matter what. Through these obstacles, I will continue to grow stronger and push even harder because I have over come many challenges. We can achieve so much by pushing our self with consistency, adding on doing one good little different thing each day to help improve oneself.

Arriving in the pool less than an hour before the pool closed, I had to buck up straight into gear in order to accomplish my one kilometre swim. I gave it my all with every breath of air that I took, and every gulp of water that I drank.

I’m healing, I’m healing, I’m healing, I repeated to myself with every stroke. Every stroke that I took was a stroke of health, as the oxygen and nutrients circulated my back. The healing was happening deep within, for I knew there was a greater deep monumental shift of healing. I could feel every cell in my body working for a great purpose. Every single cell in each of our bodies wants us to be in the best health that it could be. The amazing orchestration of life is here to serve us, heal us and make us feel amazing. All we need to do is to put in a little bit of effort and it will do the rest of the work. It is a great deal! No matter if I exercise for a few minutes or even one hour, it will do the rest of the work for the day, twenty-three hours of free service, now that’s a marriage made in heaven.

Swimming was down to a science, with the precision time of rest and the time of each lap I earned. I know there are no handouts and there are no freebies in healing. Everything I want, I got to earn, and I got to own it as mine. The swimming symbolised my come back to stand up on my own feet again, and I am proud to do it in my own style, cutting the water like butter.

The lights flickered slowly turning off one by one, time was running out. I pleaded to keep the lights on a little bit more, because it meant so much more for me than a just a dip in the pool. To achieve the one kilometre swim with just my upper body is unbelievable! Underwater, as I glided to touch the finishing point I shouted “YESSSS!” It might be easy for someone else, but every lap was a struggle and huge achievement for me. I am thrilled. Hooray!

For now, I am not a strong believer in being able to wake up running a marathon, but I am a believer that I will one day run again. There will always be many uncertainties for tomorrow, but know this…. there will always be certainty for the future. If we work hard enough for what we want with solid conviction, our dreams will come true. Do the time and you will shine.

What is your solid conviction shining for?



14 thoughts on “One Gulp of Air, One Gulp of Water

  1. Hi Leveluphealth! I am so proud of you and your determination. Of course, I know you are full of determination. I believe that one day you will run, because the body is amazing, and you can cultivate your potential with your courage, persistence, and patience. I am so glad to hear you are doing well. Your fan, Susan

    • Suz, thank you for always putting a smile on my face and a sparkle in my eye. This journey has been really hard on me, but I know throughout the whole process, I am not alone. Thank you for joining me on this journey 🙂

    • Thank you so much, it was a hard achievement, but I just wanted to aim high and see if it was possible. A funny thing about ‘thumbs up’, every stroke for freestyle where our hands leave the water, is initially led by a thumbs up 😀

    • You are totally right, and I feel that even as I prepare for my next training session. No matter how I feel, I always look forward at better days, and know that it’s good for me 🙂

    • I’m sure you can learn to swim my friend 🙂 I’m still learning now. I don’t use my legs yet, but one day I will. It is quite funny in the swimming pool when I share lanes with people and my doggy paddle to tread water as I wait for people to go by. We all have to start some where 😀 Let’s learn how to swim together!

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