Double Productivity Without Knowing It


All is a matter of perspective. As I was going about my rainy drizzly day, I realise my slacking off yesterday was much noticeable today. My lack of eating and sleep was really felt this training session. It is never a good thing to go to bed hungry, if you are going to train the next day. I barely had enough energy to muscle my way through the swim and had to use a lot of mind power to push myself through the session. We must remember that eating and resting is also part of our training, so we need to incorporate discipline for eating and resting too.

This bad day was beating down on me with the pain as I struggled to pull myself through the exercise, but I continued repeating my mantra. If we repeat something enough times, believe in it, and work on it, it has to come true. It just has to for me…

Emotions and time is all relative, so how I am feeling is only a charge of chemical reactions at this state. When I was aware of that, I felt more in control and better.

After swimming, I collected myself and started thinking over my training program, and within the same minute I was brimming with a huge smile.  I was so happy! To be honest, I have been out of practice for mathematics for a long time, so what I thought was … one kilometre actually turned out to be two! This whole time I had been swimming over two kilometres and did not even realised that I actually doubled my goal! No wonder I was twice as tired than I had expected. It was like when I used to lift weights and thought I was weak, then found out I had been lifting in kilograms and not pounds. It was then that I realised that I was actually strong. The joy of receiving good news always comes paired with open arms. I learnt from my mistake and started fuelling up after the swim.

My oblivious mind was so focused on pushing forward, that I missed out a detail in reviewing my plan to see where I was. It is important to keep a record and think through of the path that we are going on is in the right direction, and that we are doing the right procedures. Since my concentration was so focused on moving forward, I did not realised I had actually accomplished my goal. It was also a blessing in disguise! On the other hand, if I had found out sooner, I might not have pushed so hard. It totally was an unsung blessing.

Aim far and keep pushing, because we ourselves don’t even know the capacity of our potential until we’re there. Once there, keep going, because only good stuff can come from such perseverance.

As a side note, when pushing so hard to accomplish our goals, we must take time to review our progress. Who knows, you might discover other joys along the way.  When reviewing, we might even tweak it to gain the most out of it. Not knowing the end, but having short goals, and striving to always be the best, we can be pushed further than we know it.

What discovery have you made from self-reflection?


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