Activate Ultimate Action Plan



I have activated my ultimate action plan. I’m still here, and I’m ready to heal some more. My previous efforts have been successful, but now I’m going to focus on a new level of healing and not let anything distract or stop me. I have moved into a place where I can focus on just getting better. Here, there is a pool, a gym, and a place to breathe, so I will perform my rehabilitation with laser point precession. Along the journey, I have also brought many books, and even textbooks to assist me. I am researching and implementing daily to improve on my programmes of recovery. All my effort will be into getting better. There will be no more distractions, negativity or hindrances that will shake this journey. Everything is done to a science and with full precision, I am going full throttle.

Now is the perfect moment for everyone to work towards their dreams.

I had to get strong enough to be able to live independently. My aim is not to run from the world, but take this time of peace to reflect. I will be forced to do everything on my own and it is a good thing. There can be no better way of learning or gaining something than by doing it myself. If I want to be able to do it, I have to try, try, try again, until I succeed. Now is my period to think over everything that is happening, has happened, and will potentially happen. I’m drawing plans for various aspects of my life to make sense of it all. Knowing honestly and purposefully what I’m doing for rehabilitation, what I’m doing in my life, what I’m fuelling my body with, what I’m fuelling my mind with, and what I will do to make a positive impact on the rest of my life.

The little things we do now may seem trivial at the present moment, but they may well influence events yet to unfold. It sows the seeds for the tree of potential. Everything happens in good time. I will do whatever it takes to make it happen. Only when I understand with clarity and am shone upon with insight, then will I know that success has been achieved. This would mean I have truly taken a new outlook on life and am prepared. This will be the final reassurance that means I am ready for the rest of my life and next chapter ahead of me.

The physical healing is not the only part, there is also an aspect of mental healing, and that aspect is so much harder. They are both strongly entwined with one another, which is a good thing, a great thing, once I learn to harness this great ability to coherent effectiveness.

So up on the mountains and away from distances, it is peaceful. It is just me, my beliefs, and my strive to succeed. I concentrate, I focus, and I work on getting better. I’m not saying everyone should go to such measures, but do what needs to be done. This is how I need to do it, and this is how I’m going to achieve it.

What is your unwavering action plan?


5 thoughts on “Activate Ultimate Action Plan

    • Every new journey poses new adventures. These adventures are filled with uncertainties good and bad. More often the good outweighs the bad, all we have to do is begin and follow through. Thank you for journeying with me 🙂

  1. Awesome, Lucas! Love your continual motivation and dedication. 100% dedication to a goal with unwavering conviction takes a tremendous amount of effort. Few will ever understand the depth of your mental focus. I respect you so much for your strength of will and for sharing so freely the thoughts of your heart and mind. You are most courageous. Keep going for it!

    • Thank you so much for relating to me. It is hard and at many times I feel alone. In the hardest times it’s the 1 or 2 words of encouragement that I hold on to tightly just to get through. Your personality and kindness is so amazing. I love that spirit 🙂

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