Wisdom with a Wizard


Up on the hills and away from the bustling concrete jungle I prepared another hour of gruelling pain spreading rehabilitation with a smile. The lift doors opened and I walked through a set of doors greeted by a breeze of chilly air and the smell of exercise. To the right I landed at the gym and saw what appears to be my wizard friend. Just like all great wizards he has a white beard and a curious faint grin on his face, with a human touch of his shirt being tucked above waist height to a nice rounded belly.

Summing it all up that all wizards must have wisdom and it would be fun to converse with a character that always has peering eyes, I began to converse as I began my exercises. Opening the conversation I asked, “How long did it take to grow your beard?” “2-3 years.” He replied. Looking at the length and tame manner of his beard I asked, “Do you comb it?” “Yes.” He replied. “How do you drink soup or eat noodles? Do you throw your beard over your shoulder or do you tuck it away in your side shirt pocket?” “Just like normal… I hold it.” He replied as he stroked his long beard.

Thanks to my smooth talking, he was warmed up for an assembly of questions. “If you could give me your top tips of wisdom on life what would they be?” With such a loaded question he replied with no hesitation, “Tolerance. Generosity.”
I was doing arm circles looking at him very confused, but it seemed that he had finished his answer without needing a word more to support it. With my eyebrow tilted I ask, “Can you please expand more? What do you mean Tolerance and Generosity?” He said, “Tolerance is needed in this world because there are people who will upset you, but it is not worth letting them upset you. Just forgive them and move on.” He was right about cutting the negativity. Curiously I asked, “But sometimes it is just so hard to forgive someone, so what do you do? What if you see that person in public? Do you say hello?” He replied, “I just ignore them and get on with what I am doing.” He gave out a deep laugh and didn’t seem to give a faint hint of care at all. It is not worth wasting time on someone who is set on making you upset. His attitude was a live and let live attitude. He did not seem to give them any day of light, and would just let the whole thing go, be it a person, an event or situation, if it cannot go good, let it be. If you have the choice to choose the situation you’re in, make the best choice you can and live the rest of your life to your best ability in the present and on the future.

Doing torso rotations I then asked, “What about Generosity? Can you elaborate more please?” He replied, “It’s about giving to other people and loving.” “Loving who?” I asked. “Everyone, strangers and people you know and don’t.” he replied.” True to that, I believe in giving everyone the benefit of the doubt, and the world to be fuelled by love.

With that he was done stretching. “I have to go now.” He said in abruptly. “I’ll see you tomorrow.” I replied. Just like that he left as a wizard does, not shaking hands and in a very mysterious manner. I have never seen a wizard shake hands. Poof! He walked away without turning around, almost forgetting his bag. I gave him the heads up and he came around to pick it up, and just as shiftily as he turned, he left without a single word.


Lessons can come at any time and at the most unexpected moments. Up on the hills in my private training grounds I never thought I would meet this bearded man. We just have to seize the opportunity to take in the lessons as it comes and grow from them.

What is your outlook on tolerance and love?


4 thoughts on “Wisdom with a Wizard

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  2. Nice haircut Lucas! 😀 I actually think the world would be a better place if we all learned to be a little more tolerant and loving. Maybe loving should come first and tolerance follows…That makes more sense. I mean how many odd quirks and stuff do we toleerate from family and friends, and isn’t that because we love them. I like the wizards words “I just ignore them and get on with what I’m doing”. I realised that recently some people just upset you no matter how tolerant you are and those people should not be allowed a place in your life cause negativitity should not be allowed a place in your life. Sorry for the really long comment! 😀

  3. Hmm.. to be honest that wizard really had a lot of sense. Each single words coming out on his mouth and you quoted it, really gave me a lesson to be learned. Old man with few remarkable words to treasure. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Haha I actually had a massive mohawk, but used too much conditioner after rehabbing so it puffed out… still thank you for the compliment 🙂 I admire how you took the time to think deeper than just the surface, and realise that tolerance follows love. Sometimes we to put up with stuff just because we do. Other times, there is no excuse for people that are full of negativity, if we tried and they won’t change, just let them be. Out of sight, out of mind. Positive people like you and are filled with life so need to keep that good vibe going through interactions with more good vibing people! So I’m happy to speak anytime.
    Ps. I appreciate all messages from you. The more you have to say, the wider my smile grows as I see the depth you’ve taken to write the message 🙂

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