A Lifestyle for Success


Buzz* buzz* buzz* silence. buzz* buzz* buzz*. This is not a bee. Unlike usual alarm clocks mine is silent. I wake up to waves of vibrations. Set on the corner of my bed, the episodes past through me with stimulating conviction. It is time to wake up. There was a time before this that I believed being awake during normal hours was not needed, but there is a time and place for everything. Now I am bringing myself to the next level.

I am training two times a day, all out under great supervision in a professional set up, and of course monitoring my back with precaution. I set up a 22-day challenge for myself and there is no turning back. I am serious about getting better and if I do not prove it by being able to run by these 22 days, I do not know what else would.

Buzz* buzz* buzz* no pauses. This time it is not an alarm clock, I am shaving my hair off my head. Out with the old and in with the new. It is not about looks but the philosophy embodied with the transformation. Just like the monks if we live simple and focused, we will have our direction and be free from additional distractions. Shaving on the first side, my hair fell to the floor by the bulk. Closing my eyes and smiling I was ready. One side was down and now the other. The buzzing started to slow down, and then the buzzing came to a halt. The razor suddenly lost power. Maybe some hair was caught inside the shaver? Oh no, now what am I going to do, my head was not finished and I had two bald sides. It’s time for a fauxhawk. Let’s do this old school! We brought out a pair of scissors and a razor.

My head was sparking anew and my spirit even brighter. The less I have, the more I have. Everyday was a new start, I had to reignite myself to really really heal with this twice a day focused training. It is physiotherapy in the morning, and then at night, it is either swimming or walking plus mobility exercises and modalities. It is essential that I work smart and hard to enable my body its full healing process potential. Game on. Everyday, I am writing out my workouts, reviewing it and planning on how to improve on it. No workout is ever the same. I work with progressions and regressions in every category to get it perfect.

The training and recovery sessions filled my day. My body needs to recover as hard as I trained, so I am napping, stretching, eating and doing modalities. Once upon a time, time felt so slow, time upon the present, everything is moving so fast and I wished the sandman gave me more grains.

I can hear my heart beat with every workout. It is talking to me, and I know I am earning it. I have a vision of life that I want which I cannot settle for less. There is no pain comparable to the pain I felt once before, and the circumstance of the situational helplessness. Waiting is paralysing, but proactivity is empowering.

While I am pacing, struggling with my every step on an indoor treadmill, straight ahead I could see people running outside on the fresh green grass field. I am not jealous but yearning, looking forward, knowing that I will get there one day soon. Then I looked up above, across to the reflection of another glass shinning hospital block. I smiled, sadly remembering my dear friend Eddy who would be happy seeing me work this hard. It was a dream of ours to get better on that green grass pitch.

I am tired and in pain with every additional step I take. The trickling of a nerve pain shoots down to my leg from my back and I shouted, “Everything I need to succeed is in me.” I got a few stares. I shouted again “Everyday I am stronger in every way.” People started gathering close just to workout next to me, because they wanted this oomph too to get them going. “Wooooh!” I know these people are too embarrassed to shout out loud like me. If I shout loud for me and when I am the loudest voice in my head, it will come true. This breaks the whispers of self-doubt or pity. There must be no space for such in my head. More and more people came by just to hear me shout out as I exercise and smile. I broke from my exercise to high-fives from those larger than life personnel and those past their golden years. I apologised for the sweat, and told them to keep up the good work, no one knows how hard they are working except them and me, and I applaud thee.

A little bit of sweat never hurt anybody. If I thought it was hot training outside in the summer sun, it is equally hot training indoors so there can be no excuse not to take a cold shower. Turning on the tap, the showerhead pours down “Wooooh!” I feel alive, and I am still debating whether I should have put myself under such circumstances and whether or not I should run outside to turn on the heater. I shouted out, “Success doesn’t sleep. Success doesn’t wait for nobody. If I want it, I’m going go get it, and own it. It’s mine.” Unable to jump, I chant several times over and I am warm down to the soul.  I am focused and see my plan falling before me. Like water I am smooth, adaptable and fluid towards my direction. There might be obstacles, but I can go around them and still get to where I desire.

With a kick-start I have designed a new lifestyle plan for my success.  Learning to run does not come easy. Babies learn by crawling, running and falling, I cannot afford that. There can be no recessions, only progressions, so I had to derive a solid plan. Wanting something bad and acting on it is not enough. We have to have an efficient plan that will get us directly to the point. More often than not, sometimes all we need is a little wake up call. Buzz* Buzz* Buzz*

How are you dedicating to your lifestyle success plan?


2 thoughts on “A Lifestyle for Success

  1. I wish I was there to see your face when your razor went out !!
    Your double hair style was like the old you and the new you.
    I wish that the new you can soon go running outside in the fresh air !
    You courage is inspiring ! Keep sweating and training !! All my thoughts go to you.

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