Effort + Action = Product = Progression


For progress to be made there has to be struggle. I guess I must be making a lot of progress, because I’m struggling every day. Everyday is a new challenge and a day where I face my injury, stating it now that I won’t settle. I won’t quit. The morning shines bright and beckons for me to step up. Doing plus one and solid, I walk every morning to the hospital. I’ve got to warm up anyways, so here’s a place to start. Instantly I am in the zone, I am training round the clock. Straight from the get go, I am working on my balance and coordination every time I brush my teeth. If I’m brushing my teeth with my right hand, then I’m balancing with my left leg. After the top half, I move down to my bottom set of cavity free pearly whites, this time it’s left hand single right leg stance. We only get better by doing more, so I do more… and then some with everything I do, I close my eyes to game up and intensify my balance.

Arriving at the Physiotherapy department I am always greeted with a huge wave of smiles. That’s right the happy guy is back. Most people look at me and think I’m there for the gym, but I tell them I’m here for healing. This grind I face twice a day, carries the challenge of an all out push to force myself to get better. I can’t settle for second best. I can’t accept my body not fully healing. The efforts required and action taken is only part of the equation. The summation and after affect is the balance of production for the hard work and perseverance. If no one can promise me I will heal, I will at least promise myself that I’m going to do everything I can to my best ability to get better and nothing less, and this promise is good enough for me.

Fancy toys are used and basic science applied. The world is truly great in the wheel of ever developing rehabilitation equipment. The first week and every following day was a gruelling process, gruelling but rewarding. Huffing and puffing with sweat down my face I crank out child like movement patterns. A bit wobbly, uncoordinated, I could be a side act example of what not to do if you are trying to do the exercise.

Since I’ve gone through the motions and learnt what not to do. There can only be steps of progressions now on what should be done. Everything else I do will be correct. I think, pause, breathe, analyse and execute the right movements. I conquered the exercise now and so I progress to the next stage.

The body is made always ready with the concise parts for improvement, wanting nothing but the best for itself, only needing to be will powered to change followed by action. A miracle living machine, the body must always over come resistance before growth and so I too during this 22-day challenge go through the spectrum of vomiting rainbows out my mouth, pounding in my head, and pain burning like wild fire down from my back to my bottom of my foot.

If every cloud has a silver lining, I too will get better with every bout of exercise followed. This lining of mine is a sign of improvement and fuelled by the relentless pursuit of getting better, healing, and stronger. With the fog clearing evidence confirms that I am improving and no stranger can imagine a hint of severe injury.

Weakness leaves most people, but I choose to leave weakness in the pursuit of strength.

After eating and catching z’s, I reset and wake up to another session of grinding. Time to brush my teeth, balance on one leg and focus on the task ahead of me.

To improve we must over come resistance, no matter how hard it is, we must preserve for a better outcome. Accepting the situation and being acted upon by external factors is not enough. If no one can promise you anything, at least promise yourself that you will do the best you can, with the power you have, with all you’ve got.

What are you promising yourself today?


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