How to Make a Snap Decision


As I was forced away from the gate, I left October puzzled and trying to figure out who I was. I didn’t know what was meant of me, but to work hard, and give it the best I got. From here, I sought out to find out my purpose with personal-development, so I turned in search and walked away…


These passed two months I have been focused, away from distraction, and once again on a pursuit. I cut out all interruption and quested on something more. I started reading more on victorious patients who made it back from life threatening conditions, aspiring deep souls who had enriched growth of gratitude, and head strong living proof of motivation.

I searched in the bookstore, I searched online, I searched in people, and eventually came upon classes to become a Master Life Coach. How better can I understand myself, if not through the act of application on myself first, and then helping others? I’ve always sought out for a new purpose and to help others since the injury and my decision to get better. There was no better time to apply that than now. So I signed up for the class.

This class was so intense and gruelling that everyone in the class got sick. We worked seven days a week full deep in concentration. It was a collage of information mixed with practice.

I loved the material I was learning, but I admit, I had doubt before signing up, as well as staying in the class for I was getting weak, barely surviving. I normally only leave the house twice a week for a moment, and now it was to venture out everyday on a long haul to grind on a dream. I became sick… everyday…. Everyday since I started the course.

There was a pay off understood, and I knew that my mind and body would both be pushed to its limits, but if I could just make it through it would be worth it. Other students in the course got so sick too. They got so sick that they couldn’t even complete the course, it was a drill which made them fall out the other end. Me however, with baggy eyes and a sluggish aching body, I was still holding on.

I tried to ration energy even cutting my rehabilitation to survive getting through the course, but it was hard. Regardless of my effort, I still got sick. The human body can only be pushed so far before it collapses, especially for a patient, but I wasn’t giving up once I started.

The days past, and my brain was on overdrive with the influx of knowledge. I was optimistic, but my mind was dragging, and my body was crumbling away as it chipped away to take its toll.

I couldn’t take it, my back was acting up again, and there was no way that I could sit for nine hours a day without moving, so I started resuming minimal rehab to help alleviate my spine. Even though I was tired, this is how my back would survive, this is how I would survive. No one could help me, but myself.

As predicted, I was continuously sick and on medications, but I finally made it to the end. I pushed myself beyond belief, and made it crawling, now having eight certifications to show for it. This class pushed me to my limit both physically and mentally. I was scared, but this was nothing I couldn’t accomplish if I had made it thus far.

A real act of courage came when I had to break an arrow in my neck. I thought of all the end possibilities that could happen if I did, and the pain that would slice down my back, and then more possibilities… and then… I stopped worrying, I made up my mind.

This was my moment, and I would only get one chance. So I secured the arrow against a wooden board with the sharp end against my neck, I dug deep for courage and walked forward, past my comfort zone, snapping all progressions I had made with the arrow into place. Snap* I did it.

The course was finish on 15th of December, coincidently the day after my injury. The very day I made a decision two years ago, that I would try my best everyday, no matter what it took to improve my situation, and here I am now.

Today is yet another great day, it is an achievement of dedication, hard work and a destination of journey. The process has been gruelling, but all worth it. Every single thing I did and did not do, paid off for this very moment.

Everyday year, I have dedicated 1100 hours to active rehab on top of additional work, seven a day week with no days off. As I look back on my journey I am touched through all the challenges I had to struggle through, because it is in the moments that we know it was worth it, that we’ve made it.

With this thought in mind, succession is built on completed milestones, and today is yet another one. Two months ago in October, I was sad and angry forced to turn away from the airport, but today I have a choice. Today even though I have purchased an aeroplane ticket based on a dream to see my grandmother. I turn away by choice, not force. I know she cares for me, and understands about the importance of health, so today I walk to get better to see my grandmother…

I know there will be a day I can fly and see her, but it is not yet today. I am eager and yet wiser, I can wait, because I know my health is worth more than a sporadically flight to end up in the same state I was two years ago, before my moment of dedication. My time will come, but it is not yet. I will wait, and I will be ready for when it happens.

What dedicated decision have you made to better your life?


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