The Best Answer to Give a Genie


If the world wants to see, they must first close their eyes.

There are three realities that happen to us, but only one we take in personally. As quoted from the book The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari, “ The Chinese define image in these terms: there are three mirrors that form a person’s reflection; the first is how you see yourself, the second is how others see you and the third mirror reflects the truth. Know yourself… Know the truth.”

In this daily strive to heal, I have circum to the understanding that healing takes time. If a person has a paper cut, and keeps yelling at their finger, would their finger heal faster? The answer is ambiguous, and most would say no, but what if there was a way to become better by instructing oneself from the inside out to heal faster, would it be worth a shot?

Instead of yelling, I’ve decided to give gentle suggestions to my mind. I created mantras that I feel have been helping. I started last year with the repetition of words saying, “ I’m healing, I’m healing, I’m healing…” The echo had me in limbo and within the static state of hopeful convalescence.

It is said that if something is said enough times to a person, they believe it and become what they think, from what they hear. So I’ve repeated the mantra many, many, hundred times…

Upon the new year, I started feeling different, I started adding to the mantra just off feeling as I started swimming, “ I’m healing, I’m motivated, I’m strong, I’m fit” with every stroke I took, I would say a part, “ I’m healing, I’m motivated, I’m strong, I’m fit…”until taking a breath on the forth stroke, as meditation through motion.

Sometimes however, the words change up, just on feeling to now, “ I’m healthy, happy, motivated, fit.” I feel that as I become focused, and my body heals, it tells me what to say with a stronger gravitational pull to certain words, and there is a feeling of contentment as I say it.

In reality I don’t know the science of how it is working, but I just have this hunch, that something’s working. My body just feels healthier with the right words repeated. Sometimes my mind tells me to say, “ I’m healing”, and sometimes it tells me to say, “ I’m happy, healthy, motivated and fit.” I believe that I’m instructed to say, “ I’m healing” as my body needs it, and the latter when it’s ready to make a leap and for something greater.

An example of this can be like the type of fuel used in your car, or the type of food you fuel your body with. Both works, but one just runs a lot better. There is a time, and a place for certain types of food that goes into your body for specific wanted outcomes.

To find out what works, I spend different parts of the day meditating on these mantras, and found astounding discoveries. They do have impact on our bodies. Our thoughts are food for our brain. What we put into our mind and circulate is very important, because it becomes our reality. Not only must we take care of our physical well-being, but as well as our mental well-being. So with that said, I meditated.

The feelings before the meditation were different; they weren’t of heart, but of nerve pain. Some how after days of meditating I started limping different. It must have been the rewiring of my thoughts from my brain, down my spine, trickling down my leg. It was a different pain though, a remoulding of wires and a shift in location. For some days after meditating, the pain lessen and I could move a lot  better. It felt as if I now use less energy to move my leg thanks to the power of thought, compared to prior of willing each step. It somehow reinvented the neuropath ways optimising it, as well as catalysing it.

So with this new tangible feeling, I understand that the power of thought is important to what we want to become, and the perception of our reality. It has a huge part in how we feel, act and think, because if you can believe it, you can perceive it. Just as a genie would ask you as he grants a wish, “ What do you want?” How would you reply?

Take control of your mind, and harness it to your will, use your answer to become your mantra.


What are you saying to yourself?


6 thoughts on “The Best Answer to Give a Genie

  1. Reblogged this on Just Science and commented:
    Lucas is an inspiration to us all. One mantra I have is that you shouldn’t stress because it does no good and is a distraction of what needs to be done. Lucas takes it to a whole other level. Lucas goes to eleven.

  2. I’m surprised there aren’t more comments 🙂
    This was inspiring, Lucas! Thank you for sharing your thoughts and growth with everyone. Your positivity and motivation are magnificent marvels! You should be so proud of yourself for the progress you’re making!!

    • You are warm with your words, and kind beyond reason 🙂 I’m happy it found you well. I’m happy to have more comments, and if I get few it’s okay too, because they are each equally important, just like yours to me 😀

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