How Does It Look From Space?


Every weekend I go on a hike, in wonder for adventure and life, searching for something greater. Each walk reflects a progress of recurring results, raised confidence and a deeper understanding through self-reflection.

As each step follows another, the rotating sun plays peak-a-boo behind the clouds, teasing a comfort of warmth. I look up and notice there’s a glimmer of sun and moon both at the same time. Oddly unusual, yet beautifully present to balance each other in support at the same time, striking up a thought of two objectives presented within a journey.

Journeying, travelling, or going on a holiday brings the experience of getting lost and unanticipated adventures. Each time it promises hope, an excitement of mystery with a positive outcome. Promising each time with hope, the excitement of mystery and a positive outcome. The results that emerge matter few, for the magic that lies in the process.  It is a humbling truth that could only be learnt by distant internal isolation of exposure.

The sun peaks out and blinks a ray for me to squint my eyes.

Only when you get lost do you truly find yourself.

I continue taking one step after the other.

I know who I am now, especially after two years have passed. I wanted a holiday all along, but now I understand it is not really needed. I found what I’m looking for on this mountain; I found the realisation of myself after my experience.

A huge smile gleamed across my face.

” Are you okay Lucas?” A heart felt friend asks me as rock crumbles beneath our feet and we approached a steeper climb.

” Yes, I am. Thanks for asking. It’s so thoughtful of you.” I reply.

Rocks crumble by his feet too.

” I ask, because it’s a pretty hard climb.”

“ Yeah it is”. I replied.

I looked up at the escalating peak and smile.

” Let me share something with you. Every time I hike, I think about the hardship I had to endure when I was in the hospital.”

I paused a second to grip a rock and pulled up to the next edge.

“…and if I can get out of bed it’s a good day. This is something I have to prove to myself, that it’s possible, and I’m getting better.”

My friends were speechless to reply, also panting from the ascend, so I continued the conversation in my head.

My mind silenced, and pulls thoughts together. I have found what I’m looking for in all the adventures. By learning who other people are, what I am comfortable and scared of, can I then have a deeper understanding of whom I am, as I react to the challenges.

I’m hiking back on the mountain, glad to be walking, slightly puffing, fit, in pain, in control and, I am leading the pack.

I look up at the sky as the sun once again shies away, but this time to rest. The stars start spreading across the canvas so I direct my gaze towards the moon. The future is before us.

As the saying goes, each person is in a world of their own. It can also mean, many worlds within our world. A conjunct paradox with a coinciding truth.

Our dreams don’t stop on earth, for man has always linked travelling to the moon with a great future with endless possibilities. It’s always so marvellous and breath taking to fathom the possibility. It’s amazing.

If we just stop and think with our beliefs, maybe we’re all searching for the same thing. Perhaps as we look millions of miles away, we don’t have to look that far, because all the answers are right here. For as we look to the stars and the moon, hoping and wishing. Maybe, the astronauts out there are looking back 384,400 km at earth also hoping and wishing for the same thing.


What are you searching for?


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