How To Move On

As I go out into life, I’ll be filming the process so you can come with me. There’s a video at the end of me giving out free hugs 🙂 EnjoyPost It Notes

I’ve been packing my room, and packing my life, because I’m being evicted. The student accommodations office said that because I’m not a student, I have to leave the dorms. They and potential tenants have been prodding me to go.

It’s okay though, because I’m not moving out, I’m moving on to greater things. It’s hard to move during this moment of heartache, but things will only get better when I move from this place.

With this opportunity I’m saying yes to life. There’s no shame in taking the full time I need to recover. School can wait. With this new outlook on life, I was presented with surprises, one thing leading to another. It started with a mysterious post it on my door.

Post it 1: “ Lucas” – a drawing of me smiling

I’ve been so down lately, I needed to pick my head up. Conveniently, one day when coming back to my room, I found a post it placed high upon the door.

It was the very familiar smile people had grown to know. This was me, Lucas, but why’s it seem so hard to smile from the heart now?

The only way to break free from the struggle we face, is to move ourselves to the place we want to be. I got to say yes to life, and yes to my heart, nothing else will move me from this spot.

For every post it the artist sent me, I wrote back a response of thanks.

Post it 2: “ Merry Xmas” – a drawing of me standing on a boardwalk supported by a candy cane

Having said yes to life, I went up to Chester for a birthday party. Jamie and I had a deep conversation about life. “ Lucas you have to find the who, what, when, where, how’s in your life that will make you happy…” And then it clicked. I’ve only heard of the “ who, what, when, where, how’s” for story telling or work, but not for happiness. This could work “… Go where your heart tells you, and do what it tells you to do.” He continued. With that on his birthday, he gave me a greater gift than I had given him. I’ve been looking for myself, but I also need to allow myself to find me. Everything I do can only guide my healing. It is me, who really has to allow myself to heal.

It’s like a treasure map. We don’t have all the pieces yet, so we need to follow what our heart tells us. Follow one of the “W’s” to uncover the pieces. Each new step will lead us to the next, and the ‘How’s’ will solve themselves.

Post it 3: “ Under a cloud with a silver lining” – a drawing of a sun smiling over a double braced cloud

I don’t know if this mysterious artist intentionally wrote it this way, or if she meant that under every cloud there was a silver lining. Perhaps she meant to highlight the cloud I was with, with a silver lining, and not make it seem that there was a ubiquitous silver lining under every common cloud for everyone.

I smiled, because for every post it I received, I wrote back to the mysterious artist, saying sharing kind words, thanks, and enquiring who they were. “ Please let me know who you are, so I can personally say thank you. I am moving out tomorrow, and if I don’t get to say thank you now, I won’t get the chance to say how you have impacted my life.”

Yet every time, a sticky note came back, it was filled with kindness and mystery, not stating identity or wanting a word of thanks.

Post it 4: “ Ah! I totally forgot that you won’t come to water my flowers and feed my invisible dog Hamburgers!!! – a drawing of a hot dog – dog between buns

With this, I was surprised that the artist wrote back, and even more confused with her words. The artist never told me who she was, but it was okay, because life presented me with another gift, so I went out to embrace it.

“ Dear Artist,

I’ll be back. Your flowers will not dry, and Hamburgers will not go hungry. I’ll come anytime they need some sprinkle or a feed. I promise your invisible dog will be alright. Thank you for bringing joy to my life and making my move easier. Even though it feels like the world forgot about me, thank you for remembering. I’ll bring the water and food.

Xx Lucas”

What are the who, what, when, and where’s in your life?

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2 thoughts on “How To Move On

  1. Hey love! The free hugs video was adorable and I’m so glad you were able to do that! I gave free hugs for valentines day last year in Boston and it was hella cold as well- but totally worth it.

    Save me a hug!
    – Joanne

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